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What Makes Crunk Physical Therapy Different?

The emphasis of our care is Functional Manual Therapy®, and the reason is simple. The functional approach to physical therapy gets better results. Functional Manual Therapy® uses hands on treatment with the main goal of restoring efficient mobility of the joints and soft tissues. This type of treatment requires extensive understanding of anatomy and biomechanics and techniques used to restore motion. The therapy team at Crunk Physical Therapy are expertly skilled in functional manual therapy® techniques including Muscle Energy Technique, Functional Mobilization, Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilization/Manipulation, Neuromuscular Reeducation, and Back Education Training.

At Crunk Physical Therapy, our commitment to your health is paramount. Our dedication to your wellness is our mission. We’re with you every single step of the way and consider your case unique. At Crunk PT you’re not a number – you are our client and your road to wellness is a journey we will take together.

At Crunk Physical Therapy, we “do” physical therapy differently. Providing physical therapy services is easy. Getting someone truly moving and better is much more difficult. Our objective is to restore and enhance your body’s functionality so that you can get back to your life and maximize your full potential.

We identify and treat the source of your pain, rather than just focus on improving your symptoms. This begins with a comprehensive clinical evaluation called a biomechanical evaluation that identifies any imbalances in terms of alignment, flexibility and strength. And, we treat one patient per hour, without the use of aides or assistants. This means your treatment plan will be individualized and specific to your needs. You will work one-on-one with a highly trained physical therapist during the entire hour of your visit.

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